A word, symbol or phrase that is clearly understood in an English-speaking culture, for instance, may be considered inappropriate or offensive in an Asian culture. Experience has proven that missteps can cause embarrassment and even sabotage business deals.

Stefan created Transcultural Consulting LLC to fulfill an often-unmet client need for tailor-made transcultural communication services such as:

  • cultural and linguistic screening and consulting of new names, logos and other marketing material
  • translation as well as cultural and linguistic adaptation of marketing material and any kind of text
  • name and tagline transcreation

Transcultural Consulting LLC also offers creative and reliable solutions in the  area of transcultural  communication, negotiation, purchasing and sales development projects through individually tailored services like:

  • designing strategies, training groups and coaching individuals for transcultural communication
  • preparing and supporting transcultural  negotiation teams
  • conducting transcultural  negotiations on behalf of individuals and organizations